2024 Legislative Accomplishments

Prime Sponsor of HB 591 Hot Car Death Prevention: Designates the month of April as “Hot Car Death Prevention Month.” Encourages events to promote public awareness on the dangers of leaving a child unattended in motor vehicles & provide methods to prevent hot car deaths.

Prime Sponsor of HB 815 Sale of Liquified Petroleum Gas: Creates, revises, & removes liquefied petroleum gas provisions relating to remote bulk storage locations; dealers & qualifiers; examinations, certifications, & licenses.

Prime Sponsor of HB 1133 Violations Against Vulnerable Road Users: Provides noncriminal penalties for a person who commits a traffic infraction that causes serious bodily injury or death to another person.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1385 Winter Springs High Water Rescue Vehicle: Provides an appropriation of $256,384 to the Police Department of the City of Winter Springs to purchase a purpose-built high-water rescue vehicle. This vehicle would serve the purpose of rescuing stranded residents along creek basins within the City of Winter Springs.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1442 Seminole County Juvenile Drug Court: Provides an appropriation of $515,024 to maintain, enhance and expand the juvenile drug court program in Seminole County.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1890 Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Rapid DNA Grant: Provides an appropriation of $250,000 to Seminole County Sheriff’s Office to implement Rapid DNA testing. The implementation of a Rapid DNA program will allow law enforcement to determine whether the arrestee’s DNA is a match to any unsolved crimes.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1228 North Street Roadway Improvements (Rolling Hills), Phase 1: Provides an appropriation of $500,000 to Seminole County to fund a Complete Streets project that will enhance mobility, safety, and livability along North St., Raymond Ave., and N. Palm Springs Dr.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1230 City of Winter Park Fairbanks & Denning Intersection Improvements: Provides an appropriation of $500,000 to The City of Winter Park to be utilized for infrastructure enhancements, vehicular connectivity, safety and quality of life improvements in order to construct protected westbound and eastbound left turn lanes at the intersection of Fairbanks Avenue and Denning Drive.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1231 City of Maitland North Independence Lane Extension: Provides an appropriation of $750,000 to The City of Maitland for the construction of a new road between Horatio and West George Avenues, as well as continued redevelopment of the downtown area including the reconstruction of Independence Lane, Independence Square Park and the Maitland City Centre mixed-use development containing shops, restaurants and apartments.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1413 Dr. Phillips Center’s Music & Listening Outdoor Venue: Provides an appropriation of $500,000 to The Dr. Phillip’s Center to develop a state-of-the-art facility that will attract local, statewide, and international visitors. The Music & Listening Outdoor Venue will be a unique space where guests with or without a ticket will be able to listen to world-renowned artists within Steinmetz Hall and Judson’s in an exterior green space.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1560 Heart of Florida United Way Mobile Computer Lab: Provides an appropriation of $750,000 to Heart of Florida United Way to retrofit a bus that will mobilize services for ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) households related to health, financial stability, and education for low-income communities in the counties of Orange, Osceola and Seminole.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1797 Holocaust Museum for Hope & Humanity: Provides an appropriation of $5,000,000 to Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida for the construction costs of the Holocaust Museum for Hope & Humanity, to be built in downtown Orlando starting in 2024.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1610 Northern Way Bridge Replacement Project: Provides an appropriation of $212,500 to The City of Winter Springs for replacing a bridge that is currently compromised due to ongoing erosion and recent damage caused by Hurricanes Ian and Nicole.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1027 Central Florida Responsible Fatherhood Initiative: Provides an appropriation of $350,000 to The Responsible Fatherhood program to enhance fathers’ participation in their children’s lives through workshops, mentorship, and support groups. This aims to decrease delinquency and lower the risk of children entering the criminal justice system & enhance education.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1237 Mobile Recovery Support Services: Meeting People Where They Are: Provides an appropriation of $525,000 to Recovery Connections of Central Florida to provide mobile recovery support services to help people struggling with substance use issues.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1238 Veterans Entrepreneurship Initiative – Health-Tech Business Accelerator: Provides an appropriation of $250,000 to the Veterans Entrepreneurship Initiative To empower veteran-led technology companies by providing comprehensive technical training and specialized assistance as they develop improved healthcare services and products.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1295 Operation G.R.O.W. (Giving Real Opportunities for Work): Provides an appropriation of $ 496,688 to Operation G.R.O.W. enhancing existing abilities of program participants by developing additional life enrichment and job readiness skills to secure competitive, integrated employment. This is accomplished through real-world work and volunteer experiences, classroom instruction, and partnerships with local businesses.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1299 Jewish Family Services–Holocaust Survivors Support: Provides an appropriation of $250,000 to Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando to provide eldercare case management. inclusive of home care, mental health trauma care and supporting medical equipment for 24 Jewish survivors who relocated to Orlando.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1799 Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) for Foster Support & At-Risk Youth: Provides an appropriation of $125,000.

Prime Sponsor of HF 2254 Shalom Orlando: Provides an appropriation of $145,000 to Shalom Orlando for a teaching bakery employing & training adults and teens through pre-employment exposure & workforce development training.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1798 UCF Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Clinic: Provides an appropriation of $875,000 to The University of Central Florida for retention of personnel at the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Clinic to provide the needed services at no cost to Florida’s veterans, military personnel, first responders and victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting who suffer from PTSD.

Prime Sponsor of HF 1998 Seminole State Building B: Provides an appropriation of $2,500,000 to Seminole State College of Florida to improve health care access across the central Florida region by increasing the number of graduates from the college health care programs, including nursing.

Prime Sponsor of HF 2414 Winter Springs Stormwater Retrofit: Provides an appropriation of $375,000 The City of Winter Springs to evaluate the City’s stormwater infrastructure system.

Prime Sponsor of HF 2439 Oviedo West Mitchell Hammock Water Treatment: Provides an appropriation of $900,000 to The City of Oviedo to provide additional potable water capacity and resiliency to the residents of the City of Oviedo.