What We’re Fighting For

Economy: Safely re-starting Florida’s economy in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic must be a top priority. Essential businesses in Florida have done a good job keeping their doors open and providing the necessary safeguards; hand sanitizer stations, social distancing markers and signage for the wearing of masks. As more businesses open, public awareness must remain high in order to defeat COVID-19. Florida’s economy won’t fully recover until effective therapeutics and a vaccine are available.

Improving Florida Education: Building on historic funding per pupil, David supports increased pay for veteran teachers and support staff. Students succeed when there is less testing and more learning in Florida classrooms. David stands against common core, and strongly supports the expansion of vocational and life skills training, as well as improving the Junior ROTC programs in our local schools. School safety is his top priority. Physical security remains an important issue, however safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our schools must also be addressed. Open communication and shared solutions between the state and local school boards is critical to our success. Co-sponsor of HB37, School Bus Safety law.

Standing Up For Life: All life is precious, no matter how small. David is strongly pro-life and will fight to ensure Florida’s laws protect our unborn. Co-sponsor of HB265 requiring parental consent for a minor child seeking an abortion.

Business Deregulation: Floridians shouldn’t need a permission slip from government to start or operate a business. David is committed to reducing over-regulation and licensing fees. He will continue to eliminate licensing requirements where appropriate, but will always keep public safety a top priority.

Stopping Illegal Immigration: David witnessed first-hand the dangers of illegal immigration while participating in counter-narcotics flight operations along our southern border. He’s now fighting in the Florida House of Representatives to end incentives for illegal immigrants and for all appropriate measures to keep our borders secure. David voted for HB1265: E-Verify law.

Protecting The Second Amendment: David has fought to protect our freedom on the battlefield, and he’s now fighting to protect your Second Amendment rights in the legislature. David is a LIFE member of the NRA.

Child Welfare: David is committed to a community based care model for child welfare in Florida. Improving the dependency process in our judicial system, encouraging positive relationships between foster and parents and ensuring a stable and permanent homes for all foster children must remain the end goal for the Department of Children and Families.

Judicial & Prison Reform: David is committed to ensuring Florida’s judicial system has the purpose and flexibility to provide justice to all parties involved. The sentence should fit the crime. All too often, lives and families are forever ruined because of excessive sentences. David believes that Florida has too many non-violent, first time offenders behind bars. This is done at considerable taxpayer’s expense. Justice, not vengeance, should be the ultimate goal of our state judicial system.

Creating Quality Jobs: With ten years of experience working in Central Florida high-tech sector of simulation and training, David knows that the future of job creation lies in technology and innovation. In the State Legislature, David is fighting for policies that support small businesses and inspire investment into Florida’s growing advanced technology, space industry and manufacturing sectors. He is a member of the Space Caucus.

Supporting Our Veterans: Keeping Florida one of the most military and veteran friendly states in the nation is important to David. An active member in the local veteran community, David is a leading voice in the legislature to reduce veteran homelessness and unemployment rates. Supporting veteran owned business is critical to Florida’s future. As a combat veteran of the Iraq war, David is a member of the VFW. He is also a member of the Veteran’s Caucus. Co-sponsor of HB205, Stolen Valor law.

Managing Your Taxpayer Dollars: David has extensive experience managing tax dollars responsibly and efficiently. In various military program management positions, he oversaw billions of taxpayer dollars. David uses his years of money management experience to ensure tax dollars are not wasted. Prime Sponsor of HB279, requiring greater transparency and competition for local municipal and county construction contracts. David will NEVER vote for a state income tax in Florida.

Environment: David is a committed to preserving & protecting Florida’s unique environment. Environmental stewardship is critical to maintain the quality of life aspects for all Floridians. Our waterways, wildlife, and greenspace are what make Florida such a great place to live, work, and play. We must preserve and protect Florida’s natural beauty. Prime Sponsor of HB327, Bear Poaching and six Clean Water projects. David believes that water will be the single greatest issue impacting Florida’s future growth and our quality of life.