Orlando Rising

June 29, 2018

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A group of business leaders on Friday endorsed nine candidates for election or re-election to the Florida House.

BusinessForce bills itself as “an independent, nonpartisan organization composed of regional business and community leaders” and says it supports candidates that “who endorse the free enterprise system and sound, responsible business practices in government.”

To that end, the group said it is backing incumbent Republican Reps. Bob CortesMike LaRosaBobby Olszewski,Scott PlakonRene PlasenciaJennifer Sullivan as well as incumbent Democratic Rep. Bruce Antone.

Each of those incumbents faces a major party challenger except for Antone, who is virtually assured re-election due to his only opponent being write-in candidate Sandra Lewis.

Also getting the nod were Republicans David Smith and Michaela Nix.

Smith is running against Democrat Lee Mangold in House District 28 where current Rep. Jason Brodeur is term limited. Nix faces Stockton Reeves in the Republican primary for House District 47, which is open due to incumbent Rep. Mike Miller’s run for Congress. Also running for HD 47 is Democrat Anna Eskamani, who currently leads the field in fundraising.

“These endorsements are a reflection of what we stand for. Our organization worked hard to determine those candidates who most strongly believe in free enterprise, low taxes and fewer regulations that tie the hands of businesses,” said BusinessForce chair Craig Swygert.

The primary election is Aug. 28